Landscape Conservation

The specialised habitats in the Teverener Heide need not only protection but also constant care. The open heathlands and sandy dry grasslands need to be preserved from too much uncontrolled growth. The ponds and marshes need buffer zones that prevent too many nutrients from infiltrating. In the woods a nature-friendly economic system has brought improvements to the environment.

Schafe Landschaftspflege

Roots out!

One of the most important tasks in the open landscapes is the so-called “Entkusseln”. This means that the strongest growing shrubs are removed, as they would otherwise relegate their weaker, abstinent plant colleagues and thereby destroy the entire landscape and its ecosystem.

As important as pick and spade might be, the real experts are the grazing sheep and goats when it comes to keeping unwelcome offshoots at bay. The “Moorschnucke”, a sheep species, which also grazes on wetlands, is robust and leaves hardly any tracks, is especially suited to crop the herbaceous growth. Additionally goats make sure that the natural seeding of woody plants does not spread unruly.